En el ciclo La Vie en Rose

Pues sí, parece que me tragado un globo de helio… pero aquí pongo el enlace a mi participación en el programa de Radio Círculo La Isla de Encanta. Pincha para escuchar.

La entrevista venía a propósito de mi próximo concierto, el 18 de Mayo en el Fotomatón Bar. Es dentro de un ciclo llamado La vie en rose.

Ahí dejo el cartel, con un montón de grupos por descubrir:

Y como guinda, el del 18 es un cartel doble Tremblay. Abri mi hermanísima, Margarita. ¡Así que venid pronto!


One comment

  1. Wao, looks like some one got her fire engines running. Properly. You are confident about the amazing projects you`ve got going, do conclude em`. For your fans sake, and your own. I still record with a small hand tape recorder everything demo, but like you, am gonna have to make my jump to the computer digital system. I am longing for my friend who helped with the ashtrays big change in the small but cozy studio were I recorded (long story, but I didn´t ran with the expenses) among other things, to explain to me how the digital recording really works. But I guess it can wait. Sorry for the no spanish version, it´s terrible.
    I love your music, and you seem a nice person. Happy news that there might be a new record on the way (or plural). Glad to hear your reinvigorated voice in contraposition to the last interview you posted.
    It´s a nice surprise to know your composing almost daily, and playing live quite often. In a fan mail I sent some years ago I prayed for you to do just that, to see which heights you could reach. -(Distortion in some of the new songs, anyone? this is a new suggestion)-
    What model of electric guitar are you using in the youtube videos from the FM Pop concerts in Luciena? Thank you, and my admiration for you and your music and art still persist. You should get touring out of Spania more often! Deeply thankfull, a Fan from abroad.


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