Back from the War

Those were my jeans after being the roadie/road-manager when my band opened for Yo La Tengo (La Riviera, Madrid, Dec. 2nd). The experience was such a reminder of why I’ve hired people to do this work whenever I’ve been able to afford it (ah, those were the days…). I also made another mental note to myself to never -and I mean never! – consider taking a job as a road-manager myself. There’s a stack of notes on the same spot, but every now and then I still get the crazy idea that it might be a good job for me.

Anyway, unexperienced as I am in these affairs, I pulled it off. The show went well, though the audience for Yo La Tengo was only scattering in towards the end of the show. So very people actually got to see us play. And a lot of people don’t even know we we were on that night. It was exciting to play such a huge room, though.

Héctor and I went to the new VIP’s afterwards for dinner at 12. We were both so tired we could barely hold our heads above shoulder level. It was pleasant, though. Diner-like booths and entirely non-smoking place to eat.

I have so many people to thank – and a few to not thank- after that night. Here are those that top the list, though in no particular order: Ricky, Mole, Héctor, James, Diego, Guille and Claudia. Thanks!



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